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Number Story of 911  Jan 2011

I just wanted to add another "me too" to the multitude of recurring number stories. My experience is the same as everyone else who has shared their story.

The first time it struck me was in a local store. I made a purchase and while looking at the cash register, my change was $9.11. No big deal, right?
That afternoon, at a different store, buying different items... yep... the same thing happened. My change from a $20 bill was $9.11.
After that, it has just stayed with me. It's almost humorous at times to see how the number will manage to present itself to me.

Anyway, it is comforting to know that I'm not alone... or going crazy.
Thanks for this site.

Lucky, South Carolina, USA

Story of 911  January 2011

I'm shocked in what I've  found to be frank! I set out tonight to find out if anyone has been witnessing what I've been and
that's the number 911 appearing continuously in my daily routines! It started for me in 1995 and I was seeing this number
all the time to the point it got my attention in possibly it may be a sign of something trying to communicate some
sort of message to me.

AT the time I was working to drop 100 lbs bodyweight and thought it may be a sign something was telling me to lose the
weight before something bad happen and this went on very often for about two years or so and then it didn't happen for
several years. I thought later after 9/11 attacks that was possibly why that maybe I was being warned or something was
warning me. I disregarded it as time went on as just part of coincidence or figment of imagination. But then the phenomena
started again!

Now for the last 2-3 years the 911 number is continuous again and I'm trying to figure out what this message means and
what warning is it trying to relay to me. Is something big on the horizon? I don't know exactly what it is to be honest but I do
know its uncanny and extraordinary strange phenomena!

I guess like 9/11 I will just have to wait and see what this message will lead to and I guess just prepare for something on the
horizon best we can. For me its trying to become a better person each day to help others and be obedient to God as much as
I can. We all can do something to make this world a better place even if it may seem impossible!

Chad - Indiana USA

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